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What are the main types of automotive interior parts

The car interior mainly refers to the car products used in the interior modification of the car, involving all aspects of the interior of the car, such as car sunscreen, car handshake, car mats, car mats, cushions, etc. are all automotive interior products.
The interior design is easy to get out of the car design. The appearance of the car is for others to see, and people really enjoy the interior design of the car. From the perspective of styling design, the interior design accounts for more than half of the total vehicle design. Because the interior design involves a relatively large number of components relative to the shape. From the development trend in recent years, the international trend of interior design is more and more tend to be digital and high-tech. The styling tends to be simple and neat, focusing on the application and matching of various materials.
Automotive interior products have been greatly welcomed by the automotive industry in recent years. Many car lovers are also happy to pursue the decoration of their cars. There are many types of automotive interior products that are produced in this way.
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